Is a virtual assistant right for my business? The fact that this question hit your mind shows it’s probably the next best move for your business. Your business is growing and bringing that extra virtual hand is going to sustain the growth while you test the recruitment waters.

I have been helping business owners with virtual assistant tasks and I often see the relief, freedom and several other benefits discussed below that come with hiring a virtual assistant.  It’s the final mark of a never-ending must do and to-do list.

If you’re feeling the overwhelm, I’d love to help you achieve the benefits below:

1. Increase your productivity

Let’s face it, those repetitive tasks which don’t necessarily bring an income are no fun to do and often you’ll find yourself pushing them aside. Why? As a business owner, you have more than enough on your table and as your business grows, the list keeps growing.

For example, before I stepped in as a virtual assistant for some of my clients, their social media handles were completely abandoned or there was no consistency in posting which hampers their online visibility. Hence a virtual assistant comes in to spark the productivity and keep the wheels moving.

2. Helps scale business operations

When you hire a virtual assistant, you get to do what you’re best at as a think-tank and strategist of your business direction. Small tasks no longer hold you down and your mind is free to thrive in its zone of genius. You’ll now have more time to build your business (or even build multiple businesses) because your energy is being used in the right places and the right ways.

3. Improves overall organization

Are you finding your files and folders all over the place with no time to get things in order? You’ve often heard that an organized workplace is an organized mind. A virtual assistant comes in to offer quick turn-around and on-going support that will keep you and your business organized.

Some of the organization tasks that my clients seek are such as folders storage and organization, maintaining a zero inbox, keeping you on top of your appointments so you don’t miss another meeting and many other tasks. All you need is to write down what hampers your organization and determine if you can outsource it to a virtual assistant.

4.Increases efficiency

You can hire a virtual assistant from any part of the globe which means the 9-5 schedule does not affect your business.

Some of my clients are from the US with a 7-hour difference from the Kenyan time but that has never been an issue on their business. Unless you need to do the work concurrently with your virtual assistant, all you need is to set some realistic deadlines and deliverables and have your work delivered.

As a quick tip, ensure you can agree on some time for your communications to ensure you’re all on the same track with the goals of your business.


5. Makes work-life balance a reality

Besides the significantly low costs of hiring a virtual assistant (compare to a full-time employee), a virtual assistant will help you achieve the work-life balance you’ve always wanted.

Your workload will reduce which means you can set and achieve some free time with your family and friends. You can go ahead and join business networks in your locality because the possibilities are endless. The weekends can be spent on non-business related tasks and you find peace in knowing things can run in your absence.


Final words

Hiring a virtual assistant is the best decision you can make in your business. The costs and risks involved are significantly reduced. In the unlikely event that you don’t get along with your VA, the process of firing them is also less draining compared to full-time employees.

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