The productivity of a company is all round. Creating a motivating environment at work is a must consider during the decision-making process. Having a great team to work with is undoubtedly a strong pillar to build upon which any business thrives. All business owner is therefore obliged to create and ensure a sustainable working environment is maintained.

We have compiled eight best ways managers and business owners can ensure maximum productivity is achieved is through the following ways:

#1- Lead by example

Modeling the behavior you want from your team is the most effective way to change any behavior. If it’s about time management, be punctual as their leader, follow the rules and conditions set aside for the company and they will follow too. Be a good role model to them, show them the benefit of hard work, resilience at work and the beautiful fruits they can achieve through hard work.

#2- Break work monotonous

Organizing a weekend or a motivational getaway for your team is such a great thing to them. It creates good teamwork, understanding and also breaks the work monotonous environment. Celebrating your victories after a successful project only shows appreciation to our employees and also strengthens the bond amongst them. Productivity also goes up.

#3- Encourage independence

Allow your employees to have their own autonomy. It gives them confidence in what there are doing. Don’t be a self-ruling leader where you question every detail your employees are doing and constantly supervising their work. It kills their work motivation and spirit. Allow each professional to play their part well and only question where you think intervention is needed.

#4- Be just, reasonable and equitable

Employees should be treated equally in terms of respect given to each of them, appraisal and also discipline.  Never give special treatment to any employee. They are all equal and deserve the same treatment from their leader. Listen to them when they approach you, solve justly their issues because, at the end of the day, that’s what defines a true and good leader.

#5- Pay them well and deservingly

Money is the biggest motivation among all employees. It helps settle their bills at home, helps them grow when they venture into different investments. If the company is doing well, often offer bonuses or increase they pay for a little motivation. This goes a long way and they appreciate and even strive harder to perform their duties.

#6- Recognize each individuals effort

Phenomenal results are the byproduct of hard work and constituency and hard work are inspired by recognition and appraisal! Some of the ways you can achieve this are through giving promotions, salary increment of awarding trophies to the best employee

#7- Create an evaluation assessment often

A very healthy way to ensure you have a successful business motivating environment is through assessment and evaluation. Ask them the challenges they are facing at their workstation and how best you can help reduce the challenges. Ask them and encourage them to suggest freely their opinions and critics. This helps to improve some of the top issues that trickle down to employees.

#8- Create a conducive work station

A good working station promotes increased work productivity. There are those who prefer a comfortable physical space, good lighting, comfortable chairs and a well-ventilated room.

Healthy precautions such as providing fire extinguishers in case of a fire outbreak, ensure proper wiring is done in the office among other health precautions are followed. Setting up a good sitting position, enough space, good internet, and also ensuring you equip your employees with the tools and software needed for their jobs

Final thoughts on the best motivating business environment practices

There are many ways to improve and keep your employees motivated. These eight simple tips can help create a better business motivating environment without taking much time or incurring money from the company.


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