Starting and running a page is easy, but that’s not until you realize no one is reacting, commenting or sharing your posts. Sounds like being in a space where you talk and no one is listening or paying attention to what you say.

Facebook engagement refers to the likes, comments or shares posts receive.

If you’re not sure what to post on Facebook and when you should post it for more engagement then you’ve come to the right post. We’ll look at reasons your posts get low engagement and practical ideas you can implement tochange that.

Posting less but more quality

It’s not about how often you post but the quality of posts you share. It’s essential to share fresh content at least once or twice a day or more in the case of news outlet. When posting blog posts, consistency in the number of times you post is so important in maintaining or increasing your website traffic.

What exactly is quality content? It’s content that solves your audience’ problems, motivates them and calls them to take action. Make the posts short and straight to the point to improve the chance of users reading and interacting with your content.

Post on the best times

Yes, the time you post matters just like the quality of content.

Facebook best posting times are when your audience is online and active. For instance, people are typically tired of reading long blog posts in the evening.

How then can you determine the best time to post?

One way is to determine a trend of when your readers engage the most with your posts and take that to be your best times. This happens after testing the different times over some time. 

Another way is through the use of social media management tools such as CoSchedule that use artificial intelligence to determine the best times to post your scheduled posts.

Create a clear social media or Facebook engagement strategy

You’re only going to achieve your page’s engagement goals if you know how to get there and it all starts with a plan.

Create a clear plan within a specified timeline of how you intend to build your brand online and improve interaction. In the plan, include ideas such as asking for opinions, creating competitions and polls to boost engagement. Also, indicate how you intend to learn and improve on the strategy when the implementation kicks off. 

Utilise videos and Facebook live

With LinkedIn now having live videos, this tells you the growing importance of live videos for engagement. Facebook’s algorithm of determining how posts rank is also said to be in favor of live videos which means your posts will have a higher likelihood of being viewed.

How do you get started with Facebook live? The easiest way is to host a question and answer session for matters related to your industry. You can also give people a chance to see the faces behind the brand by airing an event happening in your office. This helps people see the faces behind the brand and foster the human connection.

Reply to comments and replies

Go beyond posting your content and reply to comments within the shortest possible time. People don’t want to be ignored thus they’ll check on previous posts to see if you care to reply.

With Facebook’s Messenger indicating your average reply period, ensure the reply period is within one hour or less. Also, remember to update your working hours so it can be logical for someone to know when you’re open.

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