To attain a Facebook organic reach that has a bigger percentage is admirable but it does not come easy. Your input determines a lot on our Facebook page. We use Facebook for promoting and marketing a business brand or individuals’ use. Facebook presents a lot of opportunities, we can’t ignore the learning process to achieve the maximum out of it. It is absolutely free to open a Facebook page and user friendly, but marketing using Facebook can at times be disappointing especially if the content on your page had been promoted but only got very few feeds in return.

What do we mean by Facebook’s organic reach?

It is when the content you post on your Facebook page gets more views or feeds without having to promote. It saves costs to the business and advantageous. However, to achieve a higher organic reach is not that easy and in fact, research shows that organic reach is declining rather than increasing due to factors such as competition. There is more content out there for the consumers and therefore the business must ensure they provide quality and engaging content to stay afloat.

What is the hack to attract Facebook’s organic reach?

  • Share your brand page on your personal newsfeed

Inform your friends and family about your Page. In your post, request them to like your page and share it with other people who might also be interested in your business.

  •  Ensure you have engaging and pertinent content

There is a pool of good content out there and for you to emerge as the best you have to be creative in your content and give quality.

  • Try using Facebook ads to drive traffic to Facebook page

Although Facebook Ads are paid for, the benefits it accruals in return are worth it.

What are the best strategies for growing a Facebook page organically?

#1- Plan and measure your content relevance score

Create quality for more engagement. Before posting your content always ensure you practice a self-test for your content. Ask questions such as; the likelihood of the audience clicking and viewing your content or likelihood of your content being shared

#2- Schedule your posting accordingly

Research your audience’s timing and know when they read or interact on your Facebook page. Also plan to ensure you are consistent with your page to keep your audience engaged.

#3- Make use of picture graphics and videos

Videos and pictures bring your content to alive. Pictures are more appealing to the eye and are more likely to be viewed than plain content.

#4- Be open to your page

Post inspiration, advice, ideas. Avoid only posting about your brand, include motivation or inspirational quotes or videos, and some advice, ideas, or give tips to your audience.

#5- Be flexible with your content

To grow your organic reach you have to increase and diversify your content to fulfill the different tastes and needs of your audience.

#6- Frequently remind your followers to visit your page

This can be done by click following on your page, and choose to See First: that is if they want to see more posts from you. This will enable them to continue seeing your feed.

#7- Create Facebook groups

If your business or brand has set a target audience it’s easier to create a group with a specific niche and customize content based on the specific needs and preferences. For example, if it is a page on breastfeeding mom, then you can scale your audience and content to help only breastfeeding mothers and also those ready to learn about breastfeeding.

#8- Reply to comments and promote conversations

Ensuring you keep up with your audience pace. You have to be keen and rapid in replying and commenting on the news feed provided

#9- Test different posting times for better engagement

Co-Scheduling helps especially in the organization of your work. You create, review, publish, and share content on social media platforms.



Attracting or having a large Organic Facebook page is not easy but it is achievable. Every business owner does business with the aim of maximizing profit and reducing costs. These best strategies we outlined will guide you to maximizing your Facebook page potential.



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