If your goal is to earn from a blog, then you need persistence, be informative and consistent to build traffic to your blog. Eventually, this pays off. There is no need to panic if starting from the beginning, just remember that you don’t have to use all the money-making avenues at once. Check around and learn what people in your industry or niche are doing, and start from there.

Why should you blog?

Blogging can be done for different reasons. You might consider improving writing skills, build site traffic, connect with a like-minded audience

Here are few takeaways on the uses or reasons for blogging

#1- Share relevant information

Rich content is crucial to the success of any blog. Keep your readers and follower informed and wanting more from you. Do the research and get facts of any information you provide to ensure to get the best.

#2- It is a hobby

For some, blogging is a hobby; it’s a passion and a way of expressing themselves differently. We have different blogs ranging from health blogs, sports, business, fitness, mental blogs, motivational and inspiration blogs. All this has different information to provide to their target audience. It’s important to note that these hobbyists are not into blogging for money but as a way of fun and personal musing.

#3- Monetize their blog

An advantage of blogging is that you can still earn from it. It can be a part-time job, full-time job, for entrepreneurs or corporate organization trying to maximize its benefit

#4- Market and establish your business brand

Yes, blogging is very important in your business especially the small B2B business.

#5- Share expertise or gain recognition

Another advantage of blogging is that you can share your help and expertise either free or charge a small fee.

What are some of the best blogging sites?

a) WordPress.com

It’s a free blog hosting site that has a beautiful and customizable design. It’s also easy to use but very limited options for expansion. Best suit for small hobby or business blogs.

b) WordPress.org

Suitable for self-hosting blogs, bloggers who want to take full advantage of their site. It can be personal or business blogs.

c) Joomla.com

It’s an open-source tool mainly used for website content creation. It is flexible and ha beautiful templates to use.

d) Medium

It has a superb user interface and elegant writing experience. You can embed content from other services like Twitter

How do you choose a good blogging platform?

  • Costs –Ensure your blogging platform fits within your budget and also do what you need. Choose an affordable but reliable web hosting provider
  • Beginner-friendliness – Every beginner starting from scratch needs a blogging site that is easy to set up, use and manage, and doesn’t need any coding skills. They also have to be able to find support in case of any hiccup.
  • Features extendibility –Your business or market change and you will require adjusting or modifying the changes to your blog to suite your needs. A blogging site that is good needs to be able to house your changes.
  • Monetization options – blog or website can eventually be customized to earn money. If that’s your goal, then a good platform will go along way to help you achieve your goal.

What are the best ways to earn from a blog?

#1- Include Ads

Ads help increase traffic to your page and at the same time earn from them. Use AdSense on your website and benefit per click ad cost when a visitor clicks

#2- Provide affiliate links

Affiliate sales can add up to a big part of your income for most bloggers. Link up with big companies like Amazon who have established an in-house affiliate program and earn provided people click-through from your blog to Amazon.com and make a purchase.

#3- Sell e-products

Create e-products such as E-books and sell them online.

#4- Use your blog to provide your expertise

Bloggers use their platform to provide their expertise and earn from it. It can be consultation work, design or another service.

#5- Offer paid membership

These are private forums that focus on your target. You only pay an annual or monthly fee to access the forum and communicate with the other in the group

Why is blogging good for your business?

  • Blogging helps bring new clients to the business
  • Also helps in retaining clients through communication with them and adding more quality to their feeds
  • Most customer purchase a product based on a blog content they have read
  • Its allows the business to market their products and services online
  • Most customers learn about a company through an article they have read rather than the ads they saw.

Final tips

Blogging has become a must-do habit. Businesses are embracing the idea in a big way to rip their benefit and maximize its use. For a successful blog always ensure; create helpful and reach content, use SEO technique tools to attract your audience, share your product and services to your customers through your blog and lastly have a good domain name for your brand.


Guest post by Ruth Kabui





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