Not sure how to navigate the ‘blocks world’ also known as Gutenberg Block Editor? I was in the same position reading tens of tutorials at the same time and fearing the worst could happen and I lost my data. But here is a simple and detailed guide of the steps you need to take to update your site securely.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll expect after the update.

A fairly easy to navigate blocks world. I find it to be a simpler version of ‘Thrive Architect’ where you edit your content in blocks, but of course, Thrive Architect is more developed.

  1. On your notifications panel of WordPress dashboard, you’ll see a notification requesting that you update your website to WordPress 5.0.1(it’s hyperlinked).
  2. Click on the link to begin the update

  3. But first; Backup your WordPress database on the cpanel

Here’s how you do it;

i) Login to your hosting area and go to cpanel

ii) Go to phpMyAdmin under databases


On your left side, click the second option that has ‘wp’. This will open several options on your right side which is simply an expansion of what is on the left side. Check all (tick) the field and head over to the top bar and click on ‘Export.’

On the new menu, select ‘Quick’ option. If your website has a lot of content you might want to explore the second option which is a bit detailed.

‘Quick’ option

The format remains as ‘SQL’ then ‘Go’.

The file will be downloaded, and please make sure you can open it from the location you saved it on your computer.

 4. Backup your files from the ‘Tool’ section >Export>All files

 ‘Tool’ section

5. Deactivate all active plugins.

This step is necessary since the upgrade might conflict with the functionality of the plugins during or after the upgrade.

6. And now click on the ‘update’ link.

The above steps are necessary in case you lost your hard-earned data and files in the process. This takes a few seconds or minutes.

7. Now activate the plugins you deactivated aaaand, that’s it!

If you’d like to continue using the old classic editor, you’ll have the option to install it where you can use (lasts upto 2021) it in case you’re not comfortable with the editor.

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