With every daily change in social media algorithm comes the need to up your game and work on your strategies. A comprehensive social media strategy helps you get clarity on the goals you’re trying to achieve. It aligns to your business goals and helps you build relationships with your audience.

Trying to create one? Below you’ll find great action points to get your social media marketing strategy up and running.

Set up the goals you want to achieve

Strategies are all about goals you’re to trying to achieve and you’re now looking for the most effective way to attain those goals. They should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound (S.M.A.R.T).

Some examples of goals you can set include:

  1. Keeping your group updated on new events and information from your business. From this you can set a goal to post consistently with a specified number of posts in a week or month. Too busy for that? Perhaps consider a social media manager or virtual assistant to step in and help you stick to the goals.
  2. Improve your customer service on social media. For instance through shorter-time response rate and engaging your audience in the comment section to provide value to them.
  3. Improve on your visibility to align with your business goals and make the right audience recognize your brand. A good example where this can apply is on Instagram where your branding counts in making your business unique.


Listen to your audience

You can only capture your audience’s attention by making your strategy about ‘them’ and not you or your business. Ask simple questions like, what are you’re most engaged posts so far? Where do your audience live and how best do they interact with you online?

If you are in existing social media platforms you can check any questions they have asked before and build more content around these areas of interest. Also post question-type posts to learn more about your audience preferences.


Provide diversified content

Are you used to posting just links or images? Perhaps it’s time to go the extra mile and post some quality videos. Infographics on platform like Pinterest also go a long way in providing value in a diversified way.

This is where you can plan to humanize the brand and tell educational stories. People are likely to interact with brands that are humanized and you can do this through:

  1. Being transparent about your business and processes
  2. Going beyond the selling to build relationships
  3. Showing the funny/not-too-serious side of your business
  4. Letting people see ‘behind-the-curtains’ for instance your team members and activities
  5. Appreciate and recognize your best customers on the platforms. Who doesn’t like this?


Paid Advertisement

Have you tried some paid ads as part of your goals yet? It helps spread the word faster and makes it more visible. Be sure to develop creative campaigns with high-quality images or videos related to them.


Measure, Measure, Measure

Having used the above strategies it would be time to see if any of them is getting you closer to your goals. Which one is working best and which ones would you rather forget about? Leverage the power of analytics of each platform and scale the strategies that are working in your favor.

You don’t have to implement all the above strategies at the same time. Having set your social media goals, test one or two simultaneously in a specified time-frame such as one month and see if you find your sweet spot. Remember you can also focus on the platform that resonates most with your audience.


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