Resource and support center

Resource and support center

In Business, it’s important to have a trusted person who’ll walk with you and also offload you those tasks that don’t necessarily bring income.

We come in to save you the headache of hiring low-quality contractors who end up spending your time and money with no measurable results. We bring in pre-vetted team members who work across various time zones to ensure we deliver to your satisfaction.

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Below are our specialised support services

We help business owners outsource the right skills for their business and also train virtual assistants on all they need to become a booked-out virtual assistant

Don’t know where to start with your content planning and strategy? We come to help you build a strategy that works best for your business.

Working from home comes with freedom, but the freedom can sometimes rob your off your work-life balanc and you find yourself working for longer hours. We work with you to create productive scheduled to make you love workign from home.

Extra Features

What you can expect from us

  • Getting started with email marketing on MailChimp
  • Help with technical issues on WordPress website
  • Starting and building a succesful blog
  • Maintaining a WordPress website
  • Creating a content marketing strategy
  • Courses and Ebooks to offer more knowledge

The Onlipac promise

Our greatest motivation is gaining the trust and credibility of our services by picking only the best.

Congratulations on taking this direction, we offer trainings and coaching for business owners and freelancers who wish to take the right step forward. Contact us today to get you there.

Our prices vary with the desired skills you want to gain but they all start at $40.

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