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Virtual Asssistant for Business Owners

Want to get more more leads with paid social? Don’t know where to start with online advertisements? Does advertsing sound too overwhemling for you? The dedicated Onlipac team can be your right partner in setting up high-performing and targetd ads to reach your customers.

Your website should bring you customers and your social media channels should enhance your reputation for more business. We are your go-to experts when it comes to paid social marketing. It starts with creating achievable strategies and goals, identifying your perfect audience and reaching out to them.

We walk with you through this process and help you understand the process we take to achieve the set goals. Have a look at our advertising options;

Take charge of your social media presence through creation and monitoring of effective ads. We also give you tips on customers engagement on your platform.

Adwords helps you climb the search engine ranks and helps your customers discover your business when they search related terms on Google. Onlipac comes in to help you with keyword research, competitor analysis, indepth reporting and analysis to make you campaugns profitable.

LinkedIn is a great platform to create ads that drive traffic to your website especially for blog content.


All our advertising options include

  • Customized support for your business
  • Sustainable practices beyond our contract
  • Improved business’  SEO
  • Highly-targeted solutions for your business
  • Marketing automation if desired
  • PPC management to drive traffic to your website

Frequently Asked Questions

Your guess it as good as mine.. it depends with the platform but with most of them, it takes atleast two-three months.

If you haven’t started any advertisment before, we start by testing out the best campaign with a budget of atleast $50 then advise on the best stategy depeding on the perfoming ads.

Yes, we can manage platfoms through weekly content and engagement of your audience

Yes, absolutely. We offer comprehensive individul online trainings and support to anyone who’d like to take control of their business all by themselves.

Great question. Online advertisement in general is convinient and relatively affordable when you’re trying to reach out to your customers. It’s an opportunity to stand as an authority in your field and reach to your customers on any geographical part as long as they have an internet connection.

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