Technology has done so much for small business owners. Today, we can advertise, communicate with clients, and even take appointments all online and in the blink of an eye. However, there are many other ways that smart technology, including apps and devices, can help improve our operations. Let’s take a closer look.


Just as the sun and the moon make the world go round, your staff keeps your business moving forward. But, they don’t do it for free. To keep them happy, you have to pay them on time, even if you’re out traveling. Payroll software with a mobile app can help you do just that by giving you access to timesheets and reports so that you can better manage your team, as well as stay on top of your labor expenses and, in turn, stay on budget.


Travel is just a part of the business experience. However, it takes time to plan and book a trip. That’s where travel apps, like Pilot, TripIt, and RoadTrippers come into play. These apps, and many like them, can help you find the best price, the best route, and the best place to stay based on your destination, budget, and travel intent. Look for an app that lets you easily collaborate with your travel companions.

Workflow/Project Management

When you’re looking to save time at work, you have to find a project management/workflow program. One that’s easy to use and works on your phone, tablet, or even TV is Redbooth. Using kanban boards, Redbooth shows you and your entire team where you are within each project. You can assign tasks and subtasks as well as attached documents to each project for reference. Redbooth integrates with many programs you’re already using, including Google Docs, Slack, and Zapier.


Speaking of Slack, this is one of the most popular team communication applications available on the market today. Slack allows you to create channels, essentially private chat rooms, dedicated only to the topic or team with which you need to discuss details of a project. You will definitely save time (not to mention emotional energy) by only communicating with pertinent parties. Of course, it is absolutely essential that you have a reliable internet provider as well.

Other Smart Tech and Devices

Your smartphone isn’t the only device that can save you money utilizing today’s technology. As a small business owner, you have plenty of other tech-forward options. One of these is a video doorbell. A video doorbell is an excellent option for appointment-only businesses. This way, you can see who’s waiting and skip answering if it’s nothing more than a solicitor. A smart lock is something else to consider, especially if you have contractors, employees, and others coming and going from your place of business. Consider installing a smart home security system to protect yourself personally as well as professionally. Around the office, you’ll also want to look into auto-replenish services, whether it’s coffee, printer ink, or other routinely-used consumables.

If you’re looking for devices to run your apps on, you have lots of choices here as well. Whether you want a portable office tablet, such as the Microsoft Surface, a set of smartphones for your employees, or a full-blown tower computer, your local office supplies or electronics store will have a variety of options to fit your needs and budget.

Running a business today means using technology on a routine basis. You can do everything from track employee hours to schedule your next sales meeting all from the comfort of wherever you happen to be. Your devices and the apps they run are your most powerful ally against reduced productivity and poor business operations. Talk to your IT team today to see what’s most beneficial to your business.


Sheila has always been a hard worker, but she learned firsthand that her physical and mental health requires work too if she wants to continue to excel. All those hours logged at work caught up to her, leaving her run down, stressed, anxious, and experiencing migraines.

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