Striving to kick start your newest business? Already in the game, but yearning for some notable improvements and sure bets? If you are here to stay, chose wisely and find yourself a good company. Let me share my best experiences in the digital field with you. Below you’ll find the list of my fifteen, absolutely favorite, online, digital tools, which make me enjoy them endlessly. Grab a bite of a digital amusement and use it for your good!

Online business solutions

SiteGround absolutely rocks it when it comes to numbers. It services almost two millions domains all around the world, among which shared, cloud, and email hostings, dedicated servers, and domain registration. The explosive growth of hosting services in a few recent years made it challenging to be noticed. At the same time, it works well for us, its users, because the competition is a fertile ground to cultivate supreme gamers. SiteGround is decidedly the one. Additionally, it provides custom server and application solutions for many open source applications, organizes educational webinars, offers free tutorials and templates. It’s both affordable and perfect and it’s that simple.

Homepage of siteground

Namecheap is just as much fun. Born in 2001, this Millennium baby is known for providing low-cost domain registration (hence the name) and has recently come up into the proud provider of website hosting services as well. Namecheap delivers over 4 million domain names to customers throughout the world. They offer three plans starting at $15.44 per year or $2.88 a month. Other pros? ICANN accreditation, knowledgeable help desk with 24/7 customer support, domains are simple to transfer, and last but not least, evidently competitive price. If you are looking for a cheap way to host your website or to start a white label hosting company, Namecheap has you covered.

WordPress is common and well-known by almost everyone. There has to be something that makes it so outrageously popular, doesn’t it? WordPress is the simplest way to create your website or blog, and it currently powers over 34% of all the sites online. Their company ideology pops out from their friendly, motivational main page’s slogan “Build a website, build a movement.” WordPress’ undeniable advantage? It’s free, and it can be developed into some more complex paid plans.

e-Marketing tools for small businesses

Covertkit is an email marketing software. It was designed for small businesses to help them spread their wings. In fact, its website front-end has a rather baby-like, pink style, so you will feel well-cared of from the very beginning. Coverkit is invented for smaller fishes but they know how to present a far-reaching basic business truth, emerging from the main page: “Grow your audience to grow your income!”

Homepage of Convertkit
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21st century is all about beauty, isn’t it? Canva responds with easy-to-use features and functionality, which helps you build engaging visual content for your site. And who has no creative impulses nowadays? It’s a simple design platform that enables to create professional-quality graphic designs for your internet presence. Just imagine a collection of over 1 million photographs, graphics, and fonts at your disposal, destined to turn your innocent, artistic idea into a stunning, vamped up design. Among exciting features: speech bubble maker, photo enhancer, 8,000 templates, design grids, photo frames, web wireframe and other. It’s free for personal use and only $12.95/month for businesses.

When it comes to Facebook, well, nowadays, Social Media rules. Their widespread, fabulous presence continuously flourishes, despite some minor difficulties. Facebook is a social network where members share messages and status updates with online friends. You know that Facebook is free (and always will be), but you also know that mistakes in creating your company’s image costs (and hurts) like hell. That’s why every business should consider entrusting Social Media management, to companies which are specialists in this field. If you feel up to it – use Facebook to the maximum in your way, it can bring you real recognition!

Business planning tools


It all starts with a free signup. Who doesn’t like it, right? Afterward, to make Acuity work you put in a small $15.00/month. The company describes themselves as “online assistant, working 24/7 to fill your schedule”. Is there anything better on this planet than a digitalized assistant who does all the planning behind the scenes, let me know! Acuity automatically sends branded and customized booking confirmations, deliver text reminders, let clients reschedule on their own, and process payments. From now on, you can simply put your focus on being. Doesn’t it sound pleasing?

acuity homepage


Toggl is a time tracking software, and it does exactly that. It allows you to track the time spent on your projects in a straightforward manner. Just switch the Toggl button on, and gain all the profits of this knowledge (plus some additional philosophical thoughts about the time passing, totally for free!). Toggl integrates more than a hundred digital tools. It’s an open-source, leading, online time management tool. You are free to use it on the web, as a desktop widget or on your mobile – all your data gets synced in real time. Why do I find it useful? It makes you stand out from the crowd. You must admit that it was better (and less productive) when the time lost for doing pointless things on the internet was hidden from everyone. Well, now it’s gone forever (for your good!). 3 million Togglers already know that.

Boomerang for Gmail

it’s a tiny, tiny, but efficient free Google app, which adds scheduled sending and the easiest, most integrated email reminders to Gmail. You would be the only one, if you said that you never missed sending an email. It happened to everyone. AI tools are here to help, they are made for us. Think about: scheduling birthday emails (didn’t come to your mind, did it?), communicating with people in different time zones (well, that’s useful!), managing travel confirmation emails, measuring your email engagement with open tracking and click tracking (sounds like instantly better incomes, doesn’t it?), focusing on an important project without constant email distractions. Technology is made by humans, and humans know what’s needed for out performance’s improvement.

Business productivity tools

Trello is universal. It fits real estate management, software project management, law office case management, school bulletin boards, lesson planning, accounting, web design, and gaming, to mention only a few. In addition, it’s pretty and fancy. It’s all fun! It gives you a feeling that your work is actually entertaining, which for some of us is actually true, and for others rather not. Besides, it’s for free. Chosen by lots of users, it’s currently the most flexible, dynamic and skillful way of finally having the organization issues off the plate.   And the most important! It gives teams a shared perspective on any project.

Lastpass – I guess you never really thought about it, but here it comes…the password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. What do you gain with Lastpass? Now, you can safely simplify online shopping, generate complex passwords, prepare for the unknown (in the event of an emergency or crisis, grant your trusted family and friends access to your LastPass account), and many others. LastPass works as a web interface but also has plugins for various web browsers and apps for many smartphones. When it comes to payments, it’s a freemium strategy i.e. “free” and “premium”. It’s a pricing business approach, where a product or service is free of charge, but money is charged for additional features.

Financial tools

Paypal never sleeps. It’s more active than most of our banks as a matter of fact. But it’s not a bank, and I know, that there’s no need to explain what PayPal is – a company supporting online money transfers, a type of payment rail. They operate as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites, and others, for which it charges a fee in exchange for benefits such as one-click transactions and password memory. Just trust me, you should have one.

Waveapp is a good accountant that makes you waive the financial issues! It manages your business’s finances. As you can imagine, its task range is pretty huge. Various Wave apps like “Invoice by Wave” and “Receipts by Wave” do the thing differently, but the general objective is clear: you are not alone anymore! Waveapp guidance includes: checking invoice status (sent, viewed, overdue, paid); digital expense tracking with a free, easy-to-use receipt scanner;  sending invoice reminders and payment receipts; bookkeeping and running payroll; invoicing and collecting payments. You know that possibilities are endless, so I will just leave it here. More good news? It’s for free!

waveapp home page

SEO – (All free)

Google Analytics is not much of a choice. It’s a must for a contemporary business owner. After registration, you’ll receive a tracking code that you need to paste on your pages to enable Google to track visits to your site. Google Analytics lets you get to know your customers better. Naturally, Google sells out its service for free. We are not going anywhere else when it comes to a simple, free data analysis.

Keyword planner is a free SEO tool that keeps track with online novelties, or rather, to keep your business on the track for who looks for novetlies. Plan your keywords and kick start your online presence. Remember – the first impression counts the most! The right keywords will show your ad to the right customers.


Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. Be sure we’ll only recommend tools that we love and find useful

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